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Salutation to shemales.

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Porno is not my forte
10:35, 2016-Jan-1

I am not the type to participate in porno. I am more of a marital minded person. I am passionate, loving, caring, gentle; and I love beautifull people. Porno is more of a temporary relationship. I am more oriented to a permanent relationship. That is the reason I do not pursue my desires with everyone I love. I love a mutual relationship.

My Photos
10:31, 2016-Jan-1

Before anyone comments on my photos, I would just like t say that I know most people would say "Who wouldn't want to marry them?". I presume the photos are more for my own benefit than others. I am a very selfish, greedy and jealous person. Even though I could not have the people in my photos, I can still desire them.

Exxon Syndrome
05:45, 2016-Jan-1

I cannot stop looking at shemales since I saw them. I have seen the most beautifull of all. I have some of my girlfriends at Flickr at: in my "females i desire to marry me" folder [Near the last folder] I have multiples of blogs at: I also have videos of myself; as well as other videos at: Every time I see those beauties come, I want to feel them spurt inside of my virginity. I want to take them and be as the Exxon tiger and put a tiger in their tank...meoww.

I Love Them
20:24, 2015-Dec-28

I searched for many shemales on the internet. I saw the most beautifull of all. I stated fantasizing about them. I have never been so excited as they made me. I hope one day I will meet them.

She Male Attractions
17:03, 2015-Dec-27

I have been recently looking at extremely beautifull she males.I could not stop looking at them. They made me hot. I presently have many girlfriends. I even have a special blog for them at: even with them, I a still curious.


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